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B@SIC Software

The software developed by the B@SIC team is presented below.



 Annotation and analysis platform of oxidative stress response genes in sequenced prokaryotic whole genomes.

      David Thybert, Stéphane Avner, Céline Lucchetti-Miganeh, Angélique Chéron, Frédérique Barloy-Hubler.

OxyGene is an innovative platform that addresses exploration and comparative analysis of oxidative stress subsystems in prokaryotic whole genomes. OxyGene integrates an original annotation database, called OxyDB, holding thoroughly tested signatures and a new ontology for ab initio detection of ROS/RNS response genes. Data can be downloaded and viewed using an intuitive graphic user-friendly interface that contains tabular, graphical and text tools.


          The Article.

          The client application.

          The User Guide (pdf);

          The Ontology.




        OxyGene runs under Windows, Linux, MacOS X.

        OxyGene requires the installation of Java JRE 5.0 or superior on your computer.

        OxyGene needs to be able to connect to our server using port 8383. Please make sure your firewall allows this.



  Toxin-Antitoxin Tale.

     Emeric Sevin, Frédérique Barloy-Hubler.

  Under development. A previous version exists under the name:


  Rapid Automatic Scan for Toxins and Antitoxins in Bacteria.


          The Article published in Genome Biol. 2007.

          The Application Web Site & Documentation.